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Integra Type R 6 Generations: DC2, DC2 Sedan and DC5 Pre-facelift and Facelifted automotive art print.

Integra Type R Generation Print, Type R DC2, DC5, Spoon Sports, Mugen, Vtec JDM

  • Print Details

    Prints are printed using HP industrial-grade latex print 1200dpi on premium 200GSM micro synthetic paper to ensure a thick and vibrant print that can be hung on its own or in a frame.

    Synthetic paper is also commonly known as "tree-free" paper, where it is 100% recyclable, moisture resistant, tear-resistant, and UV resistant, which will ensure your print will be with you for a lifetime. Unlike PVC-vinyl and polystyrene substrates, synthetic papers do not use chlorine, stearates, heavy metals, or any cancer-causing chemicals in their manufacturing process. Therefore, compared to the usual print paper substrates, synthetic paper is considered more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

    FREE registered normal delivery worldwide.
    EXPRESS worldwide courier service available as an add-on option. - Please provide your contact number when selecting this option.

    The frame is NOT included.

    Print sizing:
    300mm X 400mm = 11.8" X 15.7"
    400mm X 500mm = 15.7" X 20"
    500mm X 700mm = 20" X 27.5"

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