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Art Tunerz's philosophy is to create the leading lifestyle product brand inspired by the deep, enduring passion for the customized and tuned automotive world, where a car is not just a mode of transport but is the ultimate tool for self-expression and an extension of oneself.

Art Tunerz examines each car's unique history, design, engineering, and tuning concepts through automotive art. Art Tunerz conducts extensive research for each artwork, where we find great joy in all the little details.

Established in 2018, Art Tunerz, which car enthusiasts love as one of the industry's top-ranking automotive artists, Art Tunerz has been servicing customers worldwide through print design, apparel and lifestyle products, and custom artwork. Each Art Tunerz product focuses on high-quality graphics and materials selections.


Using the medium of automotive art, advanced rendering techniques, and the precision of digital illustration, our vision is to reach out and strengthen the community bond of car enthusiasts worldwide.



Clifford has been a professional design consultant in the field of environmental graphics design for over a decade when he decided to combine his collective skills and love of cars in mid-2018 and launched Art Tunerz.
His passion for cars started at a very young age, especially with the world of JDM cars' aftermarket tuning and customization. The world of JDM tuners has always fascinated and attracted him, from its styling characteristics to high-performance tuning. The Japanese tuners always seemed to achieve high performance yet balanced with beautiful aesthetics. It all mattered from the right body kit design that accentuates the body lines perfectly to the right complimenting wheel choice.

In doing something he loves, a fusion of his professional career with his passion for tuned cars, Clifford hopes to share this joy with everyone who shares the same dream.


Art Tunerz adheres to the principle of domestic production of all our products, as each product's quality is to be assured and checked. Limited quantity & reactive production operation policy reduces inventory burden risk and maintains product quality.

The choice of synthetic material paper for all our prints is also commonly known as "tree-free" paper. It is 100% recyclable, moisture-resistant, tear-resistant, and UV-resistant, ensuring your print will be with you for a lifetime. Unlike PVC-vinyl and polystyrene substrates, synthetic papers do not use chlorine, stearates, heavy metals, or any cancer-causing chemicals in their manufacturing process. Therefore, synthetic form is considered more sustainable and environmentally friendly than print paper substrates.

It is also essential to use sustainable packaging. Sustainability in packaging is a prime necessity these days. Not only does it reduce waste, but it also encourages and enables consumers to recycle. Our customers can recycle all Art Tunerz packaging materials.

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