Hi! Clifford of Art Tunerz here!

I've always been inclined towards art, design, and a strong passion for cars, particularly JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) culture.


Being a professional design consultant in the field of environmental graphics design for over a decade, I decided to combine my collective skills and love of cars in mid-2018 and launched Art Tunerz.


My passion for cars started at a very young age, especially with the world of JDM cars aftermarket tuning and customisation. The world of JDM tuners had always fascinated and attracted me; from its styling characteristics to high-performance tuning. The Japanese tuners always seemed to be able to achieve high performance yet balanced with beautiful aesthetics. From the right body kit design which accentuates the body lines perfectly, to the right complimenting wheel choice, it all mattered.

In doing something I love, a fusion of my professional career with my passion for tuned cars, I hope to share this joy with everyone that shares the same passion as myself. So whether you are looking forward to owning your ride soon, or you are already a proud owner of one, or you just love cars as much as myself; with Art Tunerz, I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to visualize and bring to life their dream cars just the way they envisioned it to be.