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"The driving force behind all my automotive artworks is a deep enduring passion for the customized and tuned automotive world, where a car is not just a mode of transport but is the ultimate tool for self-expression and an extension of oneself.

Utilizing advanced rendering techniques and the precision of digital illustration, my work examines each car's unique history, design, engineering, and tuning philosophy. For each artwork that I do, extensive research is conducted, where I find great joy in all the little details that are then translated into my works. I desire to engage the viewer with a highly detailed and accurate representation of each vehicle that I do.

The style of all my work focus solely on the vehicle's side profile. Through this notion, I am able to define each car 's characteristics through their own iconic shape and silhouette. Using the medium of automotive art, it is my dream to reach out and strengthen the community bond of enthusiasts all over the world."

Colt Ralliart Version-R , the creation process

Clifford Ong, creator of Art Tunerz


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